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Need help now?

If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, is struggling with their mental health, or is ging through a difficult time, it's important to reach out and talk to someone who’s trained to help right now.
For crisis support and helplines, please visit the Mental website.

Call a trained professional

Free phone 0508 4 SPARX
(0508 477 279)

Use our online webchat

Or free text to 3110 to speak to a trained professional

For emergencies

For emergencies in New Zealand, please call 111 111 straight away for immediate help.

For urgent mental health support, contact the Crisis Assessment Teams (CATs) across the country. Find the nearest team on the Ministry of Health website: Crisis Assessment Teams in NZ.

Whānau or professional help

Talk to your parents, whānau or caregivers, a trained professional like a family doctor, youth health service or your school health service.

Some questions you may have

What do I say when talking to someone?

Start by picking an adult you trust. It could be a parent, whānau member, someone from school or a health professional like your doctor. Or you can try a helpline like Youthline or Lifeline that have trained professionals ready to listen. Part of the job of a doctor, nurse, counsellor and many other adults is to help young people who are feeling down, stressed, suicidal or just worried about what’s going on.

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help and it can be difficult to know what to say. You could try saying something like “I want some help because of how I’m feeling”, “I’m feeling really bad and I don’t know what to do”, “I’ve been feeling suicidal” or “I think I am depressed/ stressed/ anxious and I need some help”. You could even give them your quiz results from the online mood quiz. Some people like to take someone with them or to write down what they are worried about before seeing a professional.

Remember, anything you say to a doctor or counsellor is confidential. This means they can’t tell other people what you’ve said unless they are really worried about your safety.

What if the people I ask don't help?

Try again. Try asking more clearly, or ask someone else for help. There are lots of different people who can help, so don’t give up.

Maybe try a different approach – if you tried your doctor, speak to a family member. Or if that didn’t work, try calling one of the helplines below. It is important that you know that what you are experiencing happens to lots of people and that it’s normal to ask for help.


These websites can also help

Check it out for yourself

or sign up on behalf of someone else.